The struggle does not need to be real

Hello, hello!

I know it’s been a while, feels like forever for me.

I’ve missed you!

I’ll admit, I’m human and I fall off the wagon sometimes. More than I’d like to admit.

#fulltransparencyhere #honestabe #cantlietosavemylife

I’ll be the first to instill in my clients that consistency is key.. and I believe it 100% but sometimes life happens and you need to step back, take a different look and than go forward.

With that being said, I’m back and more inspired than ever! woot! and I’m not going anywhere

(the party continues, woot!)

Last week, I went off to a retreat and it was magical.

So many new ideas, inspiration, and changes to put into motion. (stay tuned)

All this brand talk has me getting clearer on my own brand - exciting!!

One thing I realized when I was talking to a friend at the retreat was the struggle does not need to be real.

You may or may not know part of my story, before landing in my zone of genius that I’m in now I was an event planner.

Oh that was so, so much fun!

I loved being creative, bringing visions to real life, working with an amazing business partner, and seeing the smiles on peoples faces when all was set up and done and it was party time.

I’m obsessed with making a difference and putting a smile on peoples faces - that has clearly transferred over into my new business. 

So as fun as all that was and sounded, here’s the thing… we struggled

The struggle was real

on so many levels… and we hustled, and hard!

You see those quotes here and there everyday.. get through the struggle, work hard, hustle harder, etc

At the time I thought I was right where I needed to be, working myself to the ground, harder, and harder.. that was going to be my way to success right?


Everyone’s work schedule, work activities and duties looks differently so I won’t get into those details..

but one thing I realized from one career to the other was.. the struggle did not have to be real

My biz partner and I were going fast… but nowhere

It was like the blind leading the blind

We spent hours reading, learning, tuning into this webinar and that webinar and still it didn’t seem to work, and everyday we changed our plans for what seemed to not have been working. 

Here’s the thing, a business/work plan is not a one size fits all.

What may work for your neighbor, may not work for you.

Another reason I tend to break rules and make my own.. hehe

When I left that career path and went onto my own the first thing I did was get a business coach, than came courses, workshops, retreats, and until this day I keep on investing...

and guess what - the struggle is no longer real

you can do things alone, or you can be fully supported in any area you need in your life.

Everyday I wake up and am grateful that I have all the resources I need and am fully supported in many areas of not only my business but my life as well.

My goal : be my most authentic self, and make a difference (obsessed with that, hehe)

People always ask, how’s business? I say AMAZING! and I mean it!!

how? why?

because although I hang out all day in office blasting music on my own, I’m not alone!

I have the ability to reach out and get support when I need it

I talk to people all day everyday, and I love it!

Who knew my passion lied in phone and skype calls.. haha

it’s not in the calls, but in making connections and learning about other people and their business and how I can help!

so wherever you are in your business, know that you don’t have to do anything alone. 

get off the struggle bus!!

find the support where you need it ;)

what goals are YOU trying to accomplish right now? can someone support you with that?

from an oops to a heads up, I got you! don't go through the struggle