Introduction : Meet Mary

Hello! I’m Mary, nice to e-meet you!

I’m excited you’re here, hope you had fun on the way over (how did you find me?). 

Just to tell you a little bit more about myself. 

I have been a graphic designer for about 10 years now, I truly enjoy creating stuff digitally. 

Ever since I was little I used to love playing with colors, doodling, drawing, painting.. basically I was every art teachers favorite student because I truly enjoyed my time there, and I was a quiet girl who just created (no trouble maker here, hehe)!

Then came the computer and start of the digital age (yay!).. and I would play with design programs and create fun stuff on paint (which is seriously the most basic program) but I didn’t let it limit my creativity. Once I entered college, I was introduced to the world of Adobe ( Photoshop and Illustrator are my digital bff!) and life was never the same. 

Just as they are constantly growing and updating their features, so have I - expanding my design skills and unleashing my creativity. 

Throughout my career I was very fortunate to work with small businesses, mostly in the Fashion, PR, and Event Planning industry. Working closely with owners and again helping them bringing their visions to life (from admin duties to digital design) - always loving what I did and working with amazing people. 

Although I enjoyed the places I worked at and loved what I did, I still always wanted something of my own. Therefore, I always had a creative outlet that I would focus on. I also helped other small businesses and companies when I could with fun designs, marketing and ideas to improve their businesses. 

I knew I always wanted to be an entrepreneur (it runs in my family too), I just didn’t know when it was going to happen or what exactly I was going to do. 

Last October, I was invited to attend a women’s business event - that was life changing! There was such an amazing energy in the room. I was welcomed in like an old friend with an amazing welcome hug and I was surrounded by amazing women! 

Sitting around me were strong, amazing, female entrepreneurs doing what they love and loving what they do. I was so inspired and it hit me, if they can do it - I can do it. I want to be just as amazing as them! Thanks ladies!!

That day I decided to join the group and acquired an amazing business coach. A few months later, through a few more personal business investments and an amazing support group I had created MINTGEM. I finally put into perspective what it really is I love to do and what I wanted to focus on. 

My focus is to bring ideas to life, digitally. I want to help business owners by allowing them to do what they love, and I can help with the other stuff. Some people become chefs because they want to cook yummy healthy meals and improve the health of others - but they don’t want to worry about their website, designing menus, and they can’t even wrap their head around how to market themselves on social media. Others create businesses around their beauty services because they want to make sure the ladies look good and feel good - but have no desire to focus on the other digital essentials and just end up becoming stressed and frustrated. The list goes on of why we start our businesses and do what we love to do.

Just as I have helped companies in the past I have worked at, I decided I wanted to help more than just one company. I want to help people on a worldwide platform (thanks internet!). So whatever your digital needs may be, I’m here. I truly love, enjoy, and am so grateful to do what I do. I’m here to assist, create, inspire, and help others succeed. 

What’s your story, tell me a little about yourself.. I look forward to getting to know you!