brand talk with JUJU HOOK

today's special guest : juju hook

we’re talking the evolution of branding, what people connect with, superpowers, transformations, sweet spots, market needs, and so much more!

I was fascinated by a few points Juju mentions...

we start with step 10 (or for some rush to that step first) vs. all the other steps that come before that

You’ll have to tune in to see what steps we’re talking about!

+ what is the world going to look like when you’ve changed it?

. brand strategist / writer / speaker . 

Juju Hook is a brand strategist, blogger, speaker, and certified coach. She has been developing brands for nearly 30 years, first as a marketing executive in the financial industry, then as an agency owner, and now as a coach and developer of online programs for entrepreneurs. Her signature branding program, Unforgettable U, takes entrepreneurs and small businesses step-by-step through the process of killer brand strategy development. Juju also leads Badass Permission Slip, a group for women who want to create the badass lives they dream of, with no excuses and no regrets. She lives in San Diego, California.