biz talk with JENNIFER NARANJO

today's special guest : Jennifer naranjo

we talk about the importance of managing your mindset, the importance of staying grounded in who you are and who you serve, and living in your authentic space.

one of my biggest takeaways was recognizing the seasons of being an entrepreneur and when we need to be resting and when it’s time to go and see your ideas come to life.

. life & spiritual coach . 

Jennifer Naranjo is a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach who is passionate about facilitating workshops on Conscious Parenting, Mother-Daughter Communication, as well as working with individuals who are connecting to their life’s work & purpose. She is currently facilitating a 6-month Mastermind on Conscious Entrepreneurship, and developing a workshop on Conscious Relationships. Prior to beginning her life as an entrepreneur, she worked in the corporate world managing the operations of various sized offices, ranging in size from 10 - 90 individuals. She is a wife of 11 years, married to her high school sweetheart, & mother of an 8 year old daughter who was a beautiful catalyst for her spiritual awakening. Jen is passionate about helping others on the spiritual journey and in guiding them to know that there is nothing to fear. She loves helping individuals connect with their higher-power and learn to co-create their lives in the best way possible. Jen is a woman who is on a mission to be of service to others, and to ignite the light within others so they may do the same!