Squarespace VS. Wordpress : Choosing the right website platform for you!

Ahhh, let the battle begin.

Jk! I’m being so dramatic, haha.. It’s not that serious.  

Wordpress is great, just not my favorite.

A wise woman once said, “choose the platform you are comfortable with and present yourself there” - thanks Marie Forleo! (that’s not her actual quote.. But it was something like that!)

I’m most comfortable with Squarespace!

I could sit here and write about the bad experience I had with Wordpress but I’ve let go of that experience a while back (seriously, don’t hold on to digital grudges) and would rather just tell you some pro’s/con’s and tips!


What I love about SQUARESPACE:

  • It’s easy to use - user friendly websites are my FAVORITE!

  • They have great customer service - yes please!! Whether you’re chatting online or reading one of thousands of step guides - they’re awesome

  • It’s mobile-friendly (80% of people use their smartphone to search something online - amazing!)

  • There’s just the right amount of templates to choose from - no overwhelm here!

  • You can easily access the “back-office” for edits

  • You don’t need to worry about hosting and software updates, because squarespace does it for you

  • It is social media friendly! Want to add in your social media icons, easy peezy! Want to share your latest blogpost, you can push for it to be shared.

  • It is super easy to plug in just about anything - text, your instagram feed, an image, a video, etc.

  • Did I mention how simple it is? SIMPLICITY is the key to brilliance .. and my friends Squarespace is kinda brilliant!

  • SEO friendly and built-in analytics - yay!!!

  • Easy cost, get billed monthly or yearly - but guess what, it’s just one payment - one company! (the less bills to worry about, the better)


WHAT I love about WORDPRESS:

  • Thousands of templates, you can really choose what works best for you
  • It’s an open source platform, lots of room for customization


WHAT I don’t love about WORDPRESS:

  • I need help, what do I do?! Unless you have access to help from a web developer, the template you installed has a help section, or you know what you’re doing and how to fix it.. Ummm help?!

  • HIGH MAINTENANCE (geez! I thought getting my nails done weekly was enough) Constant updates need to be made, after all technology is constantly evolving and they are fixing bugs and improving security

  • Security level is not high - unless your password is ( GDGJ2KHN*!J ) .. I don’t know how they do it but hackers get in and can change stuff :(

  • There’s a higher investment to be made in website costs

  • It’s not as mobile friendly as Squarespace. It may display differently on different mobile devices and may not show the way you wanted it to. 

  • There are a thousand of plug-ins (some work really well, some don’t, too many options = overwhelm)

  • Stay in contact with your website developer, build a great relationship with them.. One that lasts forever! Ha. No, seriously though.. Because when the time may come for a change, you will want them to be there for you in order to make that change.


What I don’t love about SQUARESPACE:

  • I mean, I kinda love it all.. but they’re human, they have a life on the weekends and they’re live chat is closed ::sigh::  << haha this is coming from a person who built her first wordpress website with her friend on late nights and weekends (ps. GoDaddy has the best customer service at 2am!)  >>

However, they are available 24/7 via email and that my friends is GOLD!


The list could go on, but I like to keep it short and sweet.. Hoping that helped :)


SUMMARY : It’s a personal decision .

I know some people/businesses who have AMAZING Wordpress websites, you can be one too!

Just make sure you have the right help to do so.