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brand talk with AUDRIA RICHMOND

interview video series : brand talk with AUDRIA RICHMOND

we talk about PERSONAL BRANDING, big macs at McDonald’s, Gary Vee’s camera crew and Oprah!

I often see and hear people ask, “I am starting my business, should I be a personal brand or a regular brand?”

Well look no further, we’ve got your answers today. Tune in here

My biggest takeaway was

“Personal branding is all about self-discovery...what comes out of building your personal brand, it’s life changing”

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brand talk with ALEXANDRA WOLF

video interview series : brand talk with ALEXANDRA WOLF

From being a #bossbabe to living a graceful life, she truly knows how to bring a brand to life and makes it look effortless.

As she mentions in our interview, your passion will drive you to do what you want to do and make sure it gets done.

My biggest takeaway was discussing about niching down to the exact client you want to serve and being successful with that group of people you want to serve.

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