WHY do I need a website for my business?

Living in the digital age we live in now, it’s so important to have a website.

Whether it is simple with basic contact information and services or it is complex with blogs and a shopping cart - it is a business MUST! [ in my personal opinion ;) ]

Taking your business onto the world wide web allows you to open “your doors” to an even bigger audience.

You can be the yummiest bake shop on the block and selling out of cupcakes on the daily but if I’m visiting that part of town for the first time with a craving and can’t find you online, I’ll never know you’re there. For businesses such as these, thank goodness for yelp! It’s so easy to yelp anything. However, it’s so frustrating when I get to your Yelp page and find that I can’t link out to your website to see what the menu looks like.

I personally LOVEEEE sweets, but I’m quite selective with what I choose to devour.

So yes, when I can’t see your website or menu - I might move onto the next

No one wants to miss an opportunity, so don’t do it!

Not only that, but let’s be real… we are curious human beings

We want to know more about you without asking .. TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!

People work with people/businesses they know, love (okay, like too) and trust.

The more they know, the more likely they are inclined to do business with you.

Besides, no one walks around with a portfolio so just upload some images of your work or products that can best portray who you are and what you do to a website that can easily be shared!

Not having a website is like saying your business does not take credit card

What age are you living in? Just as there are a thousand different ways to take a credit card payment, there are several ways to get yourself online.

Go on, you have my blessing.. Get online!