WHY Email Marketing is important for your business!

I love email marketing! It’s a great platform for marketing, promoting your business and services, as well as staying in touch with your audience.

I find that sometimes we underestimate the power of email marketing and we decide we don’t need to do it. Just because we’ve oversigned up for newsletters and the amount of emails in our inbox overwhelm us we may think the same for our business. “Oh, I don’t want to bother my clients”. It’s not bothering when you have great information to share. It’s all about your content!

I’ve been guilty to signing up to many shopping websites and being addicted to their sales and promotions. Yes, it’s a little too much sometimes and they show up in my email box weekly and you may catch an eyeroll - but I still open it - because I WANT TO KNOW!

So whether you are selling a product and have great promotions, or you have a service and tips to share behind your specialty - embrace the power of email marketing and get in touch with your audience!

Remind them of who you are, what you do, how you can help them. Also, stay consistent with your schedule.

I have a few clients for whom I provide my services for and I love it!

I love to get a feel of your brand and continue to “tell your story” with fun and appealing graphics, along with the information you have to share.

I love when they tell me, “Mary someone booked an appointment” or “People came in and bought something after seeing the email”. Email marketing works! #truestory

Here are a few questions I often get asked and wanted to share my answers with you…

Why is email marketing important?

As I said before, it’s an amazing way to stay in contact with your clients. Remind them of who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Marketing pro, Gary Vee brings up a great point in his blogpost.

“Email marketing is not dead. If you’re not using it, you’re losing.
In fact, I don’t think anything is ever dead. Some things aren’t as valuable as they used to be. But the ironic thing is that I actually think email is a VERY strong platform at the moment. We all need to market in the year we live in. So right now, email is a killer app. Now, are open rates at eighty percent like I had in 1997? Absolutely not. But is it relevant? 100%.”

How often should I do it?

Choose a schedule that works for you and you can commit to. Once you start, you need to stay consistent!! Consistency and great content is key!

If you can’t commit once a week, that’s fine. Bi-weekly emails is a great option too. If your schedule is still crazy, once a month may work too. Choose a monthly date and stick to that! I highly encourage to commit to at least bi-weekly.

What time should I send out my newsletter?

Another great question! Get into the head of your ideal client, what is their schedule like? Are they busy moms that only have a second to themselves in the morning? Maybe you’ll opt in for an earlier hour.

  • Best times: 8am-10am
  • Best days: Monday- Thursday

However, it all really depends on the objective of your email as well!

I don’t have time, content ideas - but I want to do email marketing, what should I do?

Let’s chat, I would love to know more about what you do and see how we can get you started on a successful email marketing for your business!