WHY is BLOGGING important for your business?

To BLOG or not to BLOG, that is the question..

:: insert jeopardy question tune here (dun, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nuhh) ::

The answer is YES!!!

Does the following apply to you?

  • You have a business service or a product that you are here to share with the world!
  • You have have an awesome website presenting your business, services and products
  • You want to increase the traffic on your site
  • You have the ANSWER people are searching for! (ahh, this one feels so good)
  • You have tips and news to share
  • You believe sharing is caring

If you answered, YES to all of those - please start blogging!

I just gave you all the reasons why you should blog

Not only are you able to do all that, but you are able to present yourself as an expert in your field. Everyone loves working with “experts”. Am I right? :)

Some may think..

“Ugh, blogging just seems so time consuming. I don’t have time”  

My answer: Find time or outsource, blogging is a powerful marketing tool that you can use for your business, for free! (yay!!)

“What do I even write about?”

My answer: What does your business do? Give a little behind the scenes (how did you get started, why do you do what you do) What does your product do? Do you have a story? Share it! PEOPLE LOVE STORIES - Facts tell, stories sell.

“How often do I have to do this?”

My answer: As often as you can. You don’t need to blog on the daily or weekly, unless of course you can! However, you should at least commit to once a week or once every two weeks.

“I’m not a writer, what do I do?”

Find a professional writer that can put your ideas and thoughts into a informative and capturing message!

"What happens when I run out of ideas?"

This is like saying, I've run out of products to sell.

Don't get me wrong, "sold out" is every business' dream - but what I mean is you can be a business that strictly sells scarfs and you've written just about every article you could think of - how you make them, which ones you sell, what styles are popular, how to wear them, etc. What about featuring a client who often wears your scarves and what she/he loves about them? Host a scarf design contest (looking for a new print or style) this will create great interaction with your clients. The list could go on. Don't let your creativity and writing run dry, I'm sure something will inspire you for your next blog post - keep an eye out for your next inspiration!

So really, get out of your own way and start blogging.

Aside from all those benefits I listed, here are a few more great reasons why you should blog.

  • You get to showcase your personality, voice, and unique awesomeness!
  • You get to create a community without having to meet every person “one on one”
  • You get to connect with and serve your audience, in the long run attract more = clients!
  • Your words and website activity will help your google rankings (Great for SEO)

As always, I like to keep it short and sweet - that’s all for now.

SUMMARY: START BLOGGING, it’s good for you and your business!