The ONE thing that will take you from idea to bringing in your dream clients - YOUR BRANDING



Good looks go a long way! Start attracting your dream clients with your beautiful branding (the visuals), the right messaging (saying just what they need to hear) and a website that does that talking for you when you're not there to do it for yourself! 

Here's what the process looks like:

P1. Branding

  • Develop your Brand Book
    • We'll take a deep dive in putting this together to create the ultimate brand for your business. Your Brand Book is perfect to reference when you need a reminder of your vision, you are introducing your team to your brand so that they best represent who you are, and as a guide for designers working with your in the future. 
  • 3 rounds of logo design
    • Mood Board > Round 1 (6 designs) > Round 2 (4 designs) > Round 3 (3 designs to final logo chosen here)
  • Create Brand Board with Color Palette, Graphic Elements and Font Styles

Investment: $1200 (Payment Plans also available)

I've been in your shoes before...😱 

Before MINTGEM, I was a biz owner (in a different business) trying to figure it all out on my own in a world full of lots of information, overwhelmed.

I had the website designed, two actually! (1. A DIY non mobile friendly website I never shared, talk about website shame! + 2. A beautiful website that I didn't even know how to go in and change a photo or place of text >> this tech-savvy gal was LOST) 

I invested lots of 💰in the Advertisements to promote the biz. Unfortunately, the wrong ones! 

It was hard, overwhelming and it didn't work #thestrugglewasreal

... until I discovered the importance of BRANDING + online marketing and never looked back at the old me. 

Now, I'm here to support you in your biz and make sure you make all the right turns and go down all the right paths.

Let's keep it fun, effective, tech-friendly and simple!


You not only helped me with creating a beautiful website that reflected me and that I’m proud of, but you were patient with me through the process and openly shared your marketing and social media expertise. You taught me to focus and fine tune my services and ways to reach my target audience. You were also extremely helpful with technology, were available for questions and provided tutorials as needed. Thank you!
— Beatriz Garcia,