today's special guest : devani freeman

. founder of heart centered social . 

Devani Freeman, founder of Heart Centered Social, has worked with hundreds of heart centered + high vibe entrepreneurs to build their online audience, attract more clients and make more money through lucrative social media strategies. Devani leads and mentors women through The Online Impact Society, an exclusive community for women on the rise. In addition, Devani runs a boutique agency, Heart Centered Social for entrepreneurs who are ready to hand over their marketing so they can scale their business to the next level. They support with top level strategy, traffic and a kick ass team to implement with ease. Heart Centered Social specializes in Facebook ads, online marketing funnels, including list-building, social media challenges, launches, webinars, and social media management. Our done-for-you service allows you to do what you do best, while we take the care of the rest.