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hello friend!

Welcome!! I’m so glad you’re here ✨

There’s a gazillion Instagram TIP SHEETS out there (am I right?!) and instead of just having you download “one more guide” (don’t worry tip sheet lovers - I’ll still provide one of those at the end - yay!)

My 5 best tips / secrets / must do’s - all here!


Look good - visuals are everything!

First thing, make sure that in your top 9 photos - you have some images that really represent what you do!

Designers = show off some of your designs

Coaches = We love quotes and inspiration, but show us a bit of you!

Back to the visuals - Themed accounts do really well, as do beautiful imagery

Some of my favorite apps for easy editing (I love my stuff on the bright side!)

Download ‘Snapseed’ and use brightness feature. Boom - a few seconds of editing

They also have a blemish feature that works magic on the oopsies - it’s like photoshop without the photoshop ;)

If you’re into quotes - ‘Typorama’ is super simple and easy to create quotes + add in your logo too (just pay for the upgraded version to get rid of the watermark)


Consistency is KEY

Showing up everyday at the same hour will get you much farther than driving by when you feel like it (I’m guilty of both!)

The secret to staying consistent is plan ahead

I love using planner apps like ‘Planoly’ (perfect for just Instagram) or ‘Later’ (I use this for posting to both Instagram and Facebook at same time) to set it all up and get notifications when it’s ready to post

A little investment of $9/month will get your farther than 2 coffee cups in a month!


Use all of the features Instagram provides

Boomerangs ✔️ Carousel Posts ✔️ Stories ✔️ New filter style ✔️

The secret to “breaking the alghorythm myths” is …

Hang out on the app for a while, love on the app and they’ll show you some lovin’ back


Stay Active + make new connections

Make a point to go in and reply to comments people left you in a timely manner

Instagram is a community based app - be a part of the community!

Go make new friends too - say hello to people you would love to potentially work it, collaborate with, be friends with… the list goes on ✨

I love using the website, for this!

This is a paid Marketing tool that helps you reach your target audience + will save you much more time than mindlessly scrolling and searching on the app.

Get $10 off your first month by using this link <<

Watch the video on the home page as Puno breaks downs the amazing features.

Keep it simple. Just “analyze” an audience and use key words to search for who you’re really looking for (Mom’s, Coaches, Bloggers, etc).


Get on Stories!

Everyone consumes content differently

You get to show your magic to two different audiences when you’re both posting on your feed and stories

** ABSOLUTE MUST! Always use a location sticker + a hashtag sticker ** to get yourself in front of more eyes

Here’s an amazing free course to get you up to date on stories >> click!

My dear, thanks for hanging out with me! I really want to see you SUCCEED so take these simple tips and go get em’!

ps. if you’re on Instagram and loving these.. come say hello @mintgem