You’ve read every FREE e-guide, watched the free videos, used all the hashtags, created awesome content to post and you’re still getting … crickets?

You might be thinking: "Hey, where’s every one at? I’m here! Check me out!"

Here’s the thing.. Social Media is not a one size fits all formula.

With the right strategy created for your business, you can reach your tribe, turn those likes into raving clients and continue do what you love!


Let’s get to work and create the best social media game plan for your business



A 60 minute strategy session + a 20 minute follow up 2 weeks later 

what does the session include + how do you work your magic?

  1. You will fill out a questionnaire so I can understand your goals, and what you’ve been up to
  2. I’ll review your answered questionnaire, your account, and create the right strategy for you
  3. Schedule our 60 minute session
    • This will be a video chat recorded on Zoom so you can go back and review at any time
    • We’ll discuss:
      • How to reach your ideal clients
      • How to grow your exposure
      • Best practices for your account
      • What to post
      • How to direct people to your products or services
      • How to make real connections
      • ++ most importantly how to keep it all as simple as possible.
  4. After our session I will send over our recorded video chat and 4 Social Media templates

Templates are perfect for easily posting quotes / tips / announcements and any text in the future and keeping your look branded and consistent

✨One time investment, $199

We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is HOW WELL WE DO IT.

  • With the branded templates and a new strategy, Client A took her account from struggling to get attention to building a thriving community everyone wants to be a part of.
  • With a new look, posting the right content and new strategies - Client B fills up her workshops with just one post.
  • Client C grew her following at a rapid pace and turned her likes into clients with a few changes and her beautiful template designs.