I'm on your team...

I'm rooting for you. I want you to be successful in doing what you love! 

I'm here to make sure you look good, feel good, and get noticed


Is your branding + visuals in tip top shape?! Do they represent who you are? Attract your dream clients? Tell your story? Make people do a double take? 


I've heard it a few times...

"Mary, thanks for being my cheerleader"

"ah, this is so out of my comfort zone but I'm going to do it!" 

**I'm here to cheer you on - yes!!!

**I'm here to make sure you maximize your talent (sometimes that means stepping out of your comfort zone)

get noticed>>

I'm here to set you up in the best spotlight, my dear. It's your time to shine and share your gift + passion with the world


VIP DAY : Let's work on anything of your choice for a day

Want to talk branding?

Want to review your website, come up with a new plan to better present yourself online?

Want to perfect your social media strategy?

- ALL HANDS ON DECK, let's do it!

Mary made one suggestion at the beginning of our session that was worth the cost of the call even if I hadn’t learned anything else - but I got so much more than that out of our session. I gained clarity about my ideal client and we fine-tuned my signature colors. She is so easy to talk to, and gently encourages you to pull the answers out of yourself. I can’t wait to work with her again.
— Carole C., Bead Sophisticate