today's special guest : KAYE PUTNAM

. psychology-driven brand strategist.

Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist who helps companies and entrepreneurs discover the truest and most impactful expression of their brand. Kaye started her first successful business at 16. She earned her degree in Marketing with a minor in Psychology. Back in her corporate days, Kaye worked in radio advertising where she realized her greatest talent of being able to draw out a truly important message from a million “good” ideas. She started her own consulting business three years ago to help people like her - entrepreneurs and small business owners - transform their dream future into a reality. Combining her background with client work with over 100 brands, Kaye has created her proven step-by-step method to build In Demand Brands. She uses intuition, timeless archetypes, and psychology to define a brand’s most powerful message. She is also the founder of Brandfluency, twelve specialized archetype courses that teach entrepreneurs to create a deeper connection with their ideal clients. When she’s not working with amazing entrepreneurs, she’s chasing two toddlers and exploring Europe from her family’s current home in Naples, Italy.