today's special guest : merel kriegsman

. conversion copywriter . 

Merel Kriegsman is a Conversion Copywriter to female influencers (to-be). She’s written business owners all the way to their first 6-figure launch, doubling their email list from 6k to 12k in less than 2 weeks, and making bank with sales pages converting at a whopping 14,8%. Raving fans include Laura Husson, Danielle Ford and fellow copywriter Laura Belgray who writes, “I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot.” Biggest feats include singing live from Vatican City in her past life as a Soprano (world wide broadcast, y’all) … moving her young family from Europe to the icy plains of rural Canada to live the veg patch life… and party crashing Marie Forleo’s copywriting event and promptly being asked back to be an official mentor. Grab Merel’s inside tips on how to position yourself as a high-end service provider/coach and confidently 10x your prices.