the ultimate brand package


are you ready to share your magic with the world?


Imagine building an empire for your dream clients to visit and indulge in your gifts and offerings?

Your BRAND is what sets you apart from the rest and leaves a lasting impression.

The stunning DESIGN, colors, and brand elements are what magically lights up your client’s path straight to your door wanting to see and know more.

Your WEBSITE should be acting like your best supporting tribe that does all the talking for you when you’re not there to do it for yourself!

Your MESSAGING is what resonates with your clients, and has them saying “THANK YOU UNIVERSE” after they finally find what they are looking for… YOU!


I have a special invitation for you

Join me for the next 4 weeks… just the two of us. It’s time to up-level your business, share your magic with the world and magnetize your dream clients.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, and if you’re here it’s because you know exactly who you want to work with…

It’s time to spread your magic and show the world what you are all about!

Whether you’re just getting started, or have been in business for a few years and are ready for that major up-level the universe has been whispering to you about… YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

I've been in your shoes before...😱

Before MINTGEM, I was a biz owner (of a different business) trying to figure it all out on my own in a world full of lots of information - lots of it irrelevant to what I needed. Talk about overwhelming!

At the time, I had no idea what I needed for my new business. All I knew was I needed to be “online” so I hired a few designers over time. The end-result was TWO websites ( sigh) 1. A DIY non mobile friendly website I never shared, talk about website shame! + 2. A beautiful website (does pretty text count?) that I didn't even know how to go in and change a photo or place of text. As tech savvy as I am, I was lost. #thestrugglewasreal

That’s why I do it differently for you!

Once I discovered the importance of BRANDING and felt the results in presenting my business, I never looked back at the old me.

Now, I’m here to support you and your business to make sure you have a beautifully designed website with all the right tools that presents your life’s work in the exact vibe you want!

Let’s keep it fun, magical, tech-friendly and simple!

Let’s start magnetizing your dream clients to you ⚡️


how do we do it?

Join me in a 4-week focused creative journey, where we build your brand hand-in-hand.

It’s time to share your magic with the world!

Start attracting your dream clients with your beautiful branding (the visuals), the right messaging (saying just what they need to hear) and a website that does the talking for you when you're not there to do it for yourself.

Here's what the process looks like:


Creating your Brand Identity

Your brand is more than just your logo and visuals. It is the heart of your business.

Together we will discuss your core values, mission, and the vision behind your brand. My job is to create a brand that aligns with your vision. We will focus on what makes you unique and how we can best present your business online to attract those dreamy clients right to your door.


Logo + Design

Now that we have the foundation of your brand, let’s create the beautiful visuals!

This includes:

  • Brand Board with Color Palette, Graphic Elements, and Font Styles

  • 3 rounds of logo design

    • Mood Board > Round 1 (3 designs) > Round 2 (2 designs) > Round 3 (2 designs to final logo chosen here)


Master your Message

During this week, we will fine tune the copy and messaging for your website.

We will make sure that your messaging aligns with your Brand Identity.

You also have the option to work with MINTGEM’s copywriter if you need help finding the words or your copy needs some extra lovin’ ** add-on special **


Website Design

  • Full Design, up to 6 Pages Set-up (if you need more pages, we can add on for an additional fee)

    • Let’s put all the puzzle pieces together and create an online home for you and your dream clients to enjoy all you have to offer!

    • Up to 3 Design Revisions

  • Integrate Social Media platforms

    • Because we love to see what you’re up to and stay connected all day, everyday

  • Domain Transfer set-up

    • Let me take care of the boring tech stuff

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization Set up)

    • Tell google you’re up and running and have your clients find you on the interwebs, yay!!

  • User training videos for how-to-use and make changes on your website

    • There’s no better feeling than being in control to make a change when you want

  • 30 day complimentary support after website launches

    • I’ll stick around to make sure you’re good to go!

The ONE thing that will take you from idea to bringing in your dream clients - YOUR BRANDING

Are you ready to get started?

** I have a limited number of spots available. Now booking 1 spot to begin July 8 and 4 spots for the rest of 2019. Let’s get your spot reserved today!**

What kind of magic can “The Ultimate Brand Package” create for you?

✨✨✨Let me tell you...

  • Ava had a website and was in business for many years before we met. However, there wasn't anything exciting to tune into. She didn't even go on her own website - eek! Today, her website is a hub where you can indulge in all her offerings, hang out for a while and more importantly one she shows off like a newly engaged bride with a gorgeous ring!

  • Not only did we create raving fans for Veronica, but her beautiful branding and website is what have made her clients say YES, SIGN ME UP without having to think twice about it.

  • A beautiful logo, stunning website, the right messaging, and a passion for what she loves has helped Emily grow at a much more rapid pace than her peers. I love it!!

What will your story be?

You not only helped me with creating a beautiful website that reflected me and that I’m proud of, but you were patient with me through the process and openly shared your marketing and social media expertise. You taught me to focus and fine tune my services and ways to reach my target audience. You were also extremely helpful with technology, were available for questions and provided tutorials as needed. Thank you!
— Beatriz G,