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an online course guiding you to create a beautiful, professional website without breaking the bank!


It's time to get noticed!

ditch the information overwhelm, website shame or lack of online presence, learn how to and create a platform for your audience to enjoy 24/7 via Squarespace

Increase your sales, grow your audience, and let your website do the talking for you! Your clients should have full access to what you are all about without you being in the room.

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getting started

I give you a walk through of Squarespace, the dashboard, what you need to know, and what every single icon, option and pop up mean!


design + set-up

videos tutorials to take you through creating your pages, adding your information and photos, setting up your blog, connecting your social media, and more


let's make sales!

are you selling a product? I will walk you through how to add your product and set up your shopping cart



get access to the extra resources that will give your website the extra oomph it needs! easy hacks to make you look like a pro 😉


you're not totally alone in this!

3 virtual meetings with Mary

1) Intro Meeting: Let's choose the right template for you, set your launch date and create your to-do list. Talk about support + guidance - woohoo! [ 60 minutes ] **Before our First Meeting you will fill out a Questionnaire so I can get to learn more about you + your goals

2) Midway Check-In: How are you doing? Any questions, I'll quickly answer in this call [15 minutes]

3) Pre-Launch Double Check: Need a second pair of eyes? Let's make sure everything looks good and is set up correctly so you're set up for success! [45 minutes]

sign me up, I'm ready!

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drumroll please...




Get ready to learn the ultimate website hack 🙌🏼

Learn how to keep everything in one place with a simple, clean, straight forward sales page to get your message across, clients signed up, sale made and without the distractions of your regular website. No extra tools or programs needed.

Just my handy dandy hack

2) Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Learn how to connect your account to your website. How to set up, automate an email series, design a good lookin’ branded email and start staying in touch with your audience through Mailchimp.

3) an Instagram hack that benefits you and your website too!



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who is this for?

- you! just getting started and looking for an extremely budget friendly option to get your website launched in the best way?

- you are/have been in business but your website is lacking something. it's time for a revamp!

- funds are limited, but you're ready to do the work. in it to win it! ++ you're excited you're not entirely alone in this process (3 meetings with Mary, woot!)

- you understand the importance of having an online presence

- you believe in the power of investing in yourself + your business to get you to where you want to be

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This is the first time I am offering this as a self study course and for this insanely low price. 

Here are what private one-on-one clients have to say about working with me and the magic we have created together...

You have a magical way of bringing the essence of a person and business into life. You graciously share your genius with the world in an easy-breezy way that I love. THANK YOU!


In Mary I have found someone that helped me grow my business, develop my vision, and in all honesty… a friend for life.


I can’t express how awesome Mary is! I wanted to start my business for a few years and finally took the leap &contacted Mary. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to build their business.


Can I just say Mary is a life saver! She is creative, bubbly, attentive + very supportive. 


imagine the possibilities that await for you?

ahhh, I'm smiling cheek to cheek just thinking about it for you!

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Pay in Full today! or choose the Payment plan below


Get INSTANT ACCESS once you sign up!


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brand strategist


brand stylin' + web designin' queen

born + raised in sunny CA



loves to feel like oprah, not in a place to give away cars yet - but is very generous in other ways! 

Oh man, I'll never forget the first time I created a website
Let's go back into time... 
I was in a different business with a business partner at the time and of course, we needed a website! Our clientele was high end and we wanted to show that we were too 🤓
Here's the thing, the budget didn't allow for a designer and we were in HUSTLE mode so as a graphic designer I was like oh this will be easy. We'll just put it together on GoDaddy. 
There were long nights.. some confusion.. lots of tech support
Seriously, GoDaddy has the nicest people on support at 3am
Long story short, we were semi proud of it but it was not mobile friendly.. it was somewhat distorted on different screens. Kinda a nightmare. Oy vei, the list goes on. 

Second try, let's use a different platform
Again.. kinda a nightmare
lots of waiting for answers on a support forum
oh man!

Third try,
we kinda had a budget. 
We met someone off Craigslist (yup, that kind of budget)
I beautifully designed it all and the designer coded it
Oh man, DREAMS were coming true
custom coding was a luxury back than!! haha
it launched, it worked, we showed it off... but we never touched it
"how do you even change a photo?! - oops I messed it up"
Where's our designer - lost + dissapeared 😱
"you know what, we'll just never touch it"
one day we realized we got hacked, the language was changed, we had no access to it, and someone kindly took us off the internet #thankyoucustomersupport


please tell us there's a website Angel somewhere!

In between all of that, I decided to split from the partnership and go off on my own and do MINTGEM (other story for another day - ps. she's still planning parties, has a beautiful squarespace website + is killing it 🙌🏼)

than came Squarespace
AHHHHHH there is a website Angel and it's found me
I was like "you know what I've done so much of this web designing already, I can do this one last try"
No one was taking me serious without a website
I didn't have a major budget because hello I had other investments‼️
I'm just going to DO.IT.MYSELF.
there I go - one last try
I'll admit, I got on there and was like please be kind to me
It was a little overwhelming at first... actually A LOT
what does this do and that do... ooooh ahhhh
but I learned it all. I invested in some help. I was VERY PROUD of my work.. and with a push it got launched!
and it worked!
and it looked good on all the devices!
and it never got hacked or changed into another language!
and I got to do it for other businesses too and fell in love with the process and feelings of launching a businesses' website +++ all in all, the world is just a better place

I mean, can you feel the emotion coming through your screen

Now today, I'm here to help YOU so that you never have to go through any nightmares like I did

YOU get access to all of my knowledge, resources, tips, tricks, hacks, and most importantly SUPPORT

Forget the guessing game, oopsies, information overwhelm, and lack of knowledge or experience

I am OBSESSED with making a difference.

Why do I do what I do?

I feel most alive when I am helping others - find clarity, feel good, look good, and pushing them forward in the right direction.

The world is a better place when you know what you're doing and look good doing so!

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+ How much time will this take?

This course is self paced, you can go as fast or slow as you want. The amount of time it will take varies on your schedule and how much time you set aside to complete the work. I have seen people get it done in a few weeks and others take up to a few months. You can go comfortably at your own pace. The great thing is that in our first meeting, we'll determine a realistic launch date for you! Mid way through that time I will check in to keep you accountable and make sure you're on track. Yup!! Crazy, right? You're not entirely in this alone!

+ Why should I invest in this course?

The answer is simple. You are in need of a website or website revamp and are on a limited budget. You are ready to invest your time and take all the tutorials and my personal support and create something truly amazing for your business.

+ What if the course doesn't work for me?

I'm an optimist + grand supporter, I'm here to support you in your web designing so that you can reach new heights, your dream clients, become a money making machine (whatever that looks like for you). However, If you decide this course did nothing for your business or brand, I will issue a refund within 14 days. Please show proof of the course completed in full.

+ What if I need extra support?

I am here to support you virtually in person through our 3 planned meetings. Extra support and clear instructions are also included in your video tutorials. You can do the work at any time on your own time and if you have questions, you can ask me in our meetings.

+ Is Squarespace the right platform for me?

There are many platforms you can build your website on but SQUARESPACE is my favorite! I've built on GoDaddy Website Builder, Wordpress (So many options, it can be a little overwhelming!), Wix (Think of an Android vs. Iphone. Wix being an Android. Squarespace being an Iphone. I love my Iphone and it's simplicity!), and Shopify (great for selling a variety of products!) I love keeping things fun, easy, and stress free. I have found that Squarespace has delivered that experience time and time again for my clients and I. Read more here

+ Are there any other expenses I should know about?

You will have to purchase a domain (Average yearly cost $10-15) + a yearly subscription with Squarespace (Price varies, and we can discuss the right plan for you in our first meeting). Also, a business email is suggested with Google Suite with plans starting at $5 per month.

+ What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up you will receive an email with your purchase confirmation, look out for that email and follow the further instructions to get started right away!

Perfect, just what I needed to hear - sign me up!!

Pay in Full or choose the Budget Friendly Payment Plan below!

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